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My Review of the new DUMBO movie (spoiler alert)

I went and saw the new DUMBO movie with my oldest son for Mother’s Day.  We have great memories watching the original illustrated DUMBO master piece when he is little. For that reason alone, I wanted to love the new DUMBO movie..... but, I didn’t. 

By now most of the Dumbo fans have seen the new Movie.  It’s been out in the theater for a couple weeks. If you haven’t seen the latest DUMBO movie, but still desire to, please be weary because this post will contain spoilers.  

I love Disney productions so very much.  Mainly because they make me believe, even for a short moment, in the impossible.  The impossible things like being sprinkled with pixie dust can help you chase shadows in the sky.  The impossible things like a toy room being cleaned with just a snap of the fingers. And yes, The impossible things like seeing an elephant fly. 

The new Dumbo fell flat.  Sadly so. If you are looking to be transported to another world and be distracted from the stressors of life and it’s complexities this movie is not for you.  

......Instead, dressed as a child’s movie, Dumbo is a harsh 2 hour+ lesson of the circus and a culture of animal abuse that use to entertain so many of us. 

.......Instead, you will see a slight, very slight, resemblance to a classic storyline that is now almost all politically incorrect.

.....Instead, you will see the effects of war and sickness and it’s everlasting impact it has on children and the family unit.  (And....of course in this story the human mom is deceased.......again. (Insert eye-roll here)

Don’t get me wrong all of these things need to be addressed and the conversation needs to be had but why?  Why ruin the classic that meant so much to me? 

My son and I went for Mother’s Day. With it’s “Baby of Mine” theme melody, it wasn’t the movie i was looking for. 

This version is not about the value of motherhood or the bond between a mom elephant and a baby. 

......Instead, It was about corruption, animal abuse, the toxic life the entertainment world can bring to humans, the war can bring, greed can bring, and in general, humanity has brought out since the original movie came out. 

The roll of Timothy, the mouse, in the new version of Dumbo was almost completely eliminated. That character held so much of the story on his back in the original. The absence made me feel like a little something was missing through the whole film.

I keep asking myself why I keep going to the remakes of these original Disney films.  I asked myself that over and over and over again during the duration of the DUMBO film, why do I keep returning?  I just hope the one answer that I have come up with is wrong.  Has Disney, the movie company at least, become so concerned about teaching us lessons about all that we have done and do wrong in our world that it has completely forgotten why so many of us need Disney in the first place, to entertain? 

I can only speak for myself but I need Disney, whether on the movie screen or at the theme parks, to take me away even for just a moment. On the hard days, I need an escape from my reality where I feel overwhelmed and unable to find myself amongst the noise in this crazy world filled with brain tumors, heartache, kids growing up, me growing up, and goodbyes.  I need for just 2 hours in front of a screen to feel the magic of something, anything.  I need the opportunity after spending close to $50 at the movie theater to make a happy memory with my son not get a lecture. 

DUMBO, the original movie was fiction it was fake.  The new version became a weird blend of real harsh realities intertwined with a very fictional premise.  It was twisted.  Dear Disney, Elephants really don’t fly no matter how many elements of truth the real movie has brought to life. I am still scratching my head. 

My Adventure with Goat Yoga

Have you ever had a friend that has a personality that reminds you to be equally thankful and excited for life in the most unexpected places?  I have 2 friends like this, Kori and Emily. That is why, this weekend, while visiting Colorado I found myself striking yoga poses while simultaneously getting pounced on by Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  I have had a lot of friends get me into tight spots before but nothing quite like a spot on a yoga mat surrounded by miniature creatures with hooves. Still, days later, I find myself laughing and thinking about our goat yoga sesh.  Like every good adventure in my life, I wanted to share and hopefully inspire you to take your health and fitness experience to an out of box level. Goat Yoga is so far out of the box it may just be in the barn.

Here are survival tips for your first Goat Yoga Experience. (Not that you will need them. This is purely because I like giving advice and pretending to be an expert on incorporating barn yard animals into your exercise routine.) 

What is the point? 

When I first arrived at Goat Yoga I thought I just signed up for the most expensive petting zoo ever. As a semi, on occasion, kind of serious yoga student I was perplexed by the whole thing. But after the “kids” started playing in front of my mat I knew I was getting a combination of nature and studio yoga that I never have had before. Goat Yoga, seems to me, to be a fantastic way to disconnect from Life and all of it’s happening.  While one goat was very confused by the mirror another was head butting another in front of my mat. Dealing with depression, drama, stress, or just are bored with life? The barn yard characters can get you out of your head for a clearer yoga session and can be a distraction from the task of getting deeper into your stretch. I can’t tell you how many times I laughed. Goats nibbling on your clothes, communicating amongst themselves, and jumping on your back is nature at its most hilarious. 

Ewww but gross? 

I live on a 5 acre piece of property in the garden state so I am not oblivious to farm life and the natural defecation of animals.  But, When our yoga teacher explained that their goats were not potty trained I knew what I feared could be ahead in the next hour. But, it really wasn’t so bad. Goats have small pellets, and from time to time they do go on your mat. It’s not that messy and you don't have to do anything about it.  There are stable mates that follow the goats around for the occasional clean up.  Clean mats were on hand in case you needed it. Laughing is a common response. Got Yoga is about getting back to nature and everyone poops I suppose, goats and humans. The yoga class, much like life, continued while clean ups happened. The stable mates clean and you yoga on. It was, at times, gross but so is life.  My life certainly has its gross moments but that doesn’t stop me from living.  There is a metaphor here.  There is a lesson somewhere amongst the poop, yoga asanas, and goat hooves. When life presents yucky moments keep going? 

Losing weight is hard! 

I have never been this heavy while not carrying a human inside me.  The battle to loose weight is an upward climb.  Not only is it always a challenge but eventually it becomes monotonous and boring.   If you can mix up the climb by adding goats to your routine than do it.  If that helps you keep moving through life, there is something there. 

Challenge yourself to do something different.  Do something fun. It’s my hope that you and your yoga mat adventure into the world of goat yoga or something similar.  I am not sure if I will ever do in studio goat yoga again.  Maybe?  It’s definitely a once in a lifetime thing to try.  I wonder what the format of a barn yoga session would be like. So many things make up a good workout, the teachers, the surroundings, the sounds, and the movements.  It’s good to explore all options tulle you find a combination that works best for you. 

If you go to goat yoga you might want to be prepared to bring these things.

Old Workout Clothes

An Old Yoga Mat (or one to rent)

A Water Bottle with a Lid

A Sense of Humor 

Antibacterial Hand Gel

A Camera to Capture all of the Fuzzy Cuddly Goat Moments

Dear #11

I watched a movie tonight that reminded me of you. It made me miss you terribly.  You were my favorite, though I am not supposed to have one. 

 Sometimes, even with a very full house, I know I will never be complete.I wonder where you are, what you are doing, and if you are safe.

You called me mom, even though I didn’t want you too.  You weren’t allowed to and telling a 3 year old that was hard and complicated and that conversation was painful. Jp called me that but you weren’t allowed. You smiled when To stop me from being sad.  You made your foster family laugh and your foster brother loved you so much.  We miss you.  

Tonight I told your foster sister, who came after you and had never met you, about the girl that was mine but never really was.  You are the one that has continually taught me even though you were gone. Zoey will have a better mom because of you.  You have played a part in making me, me! 

I don’t even remember your last name anymore. One day I hope you come across my blog and discover the blog entries that were written to you.  I realize that is likely impossible. But still this blog is something.  Somehow, it still connects me to you. Again, it’s complicated. 

Every time I think of becoming a foster mom again I think of you and wonder if I ever would make it through another goodbye like that. 

For now, I am so glad I could have been there for you for that short moment that I was and for that reason alone maybe the last sentence is void. There are more kids out there like you and that have your story but there is so few adult that seem like me. An open house again? Would my heart even survive? 

I’m Back and Here is Something You All Have Missed.....

Dear Readers,

It’s been so long.  Ohhhh how I have missed you.  Through everything we have been through I had to fly solo on the adventure of my life.  It’s crazy what we have been through together birthdays and vacations and marketing projects.  I had been blogging since 2009 and life was so weird without being able to catch you up in the daily but, I had to take time out for me.  I had to give my brain a rest.  I had to give my eyes a rest.  Life was rough and hard and confusing and painful but it is in these moments that we grow.  

Remember all those times I was sick and trying to figure out what was wrong????? Turns out I had a brain cyst/tumor that was growing with each pregnancy and invading my life.  The life I so openly shared with you guys.  And you guys..... life is so much better. So much.  

So here I am.  I am back and I will catch you all up soon on the adventure it truly was. I can’t wait to get to know you guys again and let you know this new, improved, healthy me!