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Finding ZuLeah: Awareness: 6 Ways To Spot Child Trafficking

Human trafficking is a dangerous and ongoing battle all around the world, and child trafficking is a form of that can be just as bad or worse to find or fight not to mention the lasting impact it has on the lives of so many children and others. There are so many organizations and individuals working hard to save children from this issue or prevent it from continuing to grow in the way it has. But, just having information on it out there to the public can be just as important to be able to have more people recognize and report signs of child trafficking. Here are 6 of the many ways to spot child trafficking to help you have some way to recognize and be aware of these signs. 

Educate Yourself

Firstly and most important is to educate yourself on child trafficking as well as its effect on your area in specific. Learn about the types of trafficking and their specific behavioral, appearance, and other signs as well as how the signs can differ or combine depending on the situation. This can help you to better be looking for the right signs as well as know what you may be recognizing and its meaning. This also helps you to better be able to report trafficking. 

Be Aware Of Out Of Place Looks

While not every child will have a visual indicator, some could be helpful to recognizeIf a child looks disheveled or out of place with their clothing such as ratty or not correct fitted clothing or even items that look too expensive for that child to have, something could be off. Sometimes there are also visible signs of abuse such as bruises or red marksKids subject to trafficking could also be given tattoos for gang-related or branding reasons. 

Note Surroundings

What is around an individual or child can also tell you a bit more about the situation going on if you know what to ask yourselfDo they seem out of place in their surroundings or uncomfortable? Should they be out and about at this time of day? Do they have the right clothing for the season or weather? Are they alone, or accompanied by others? If there’s an adult around, the adult may seem controlling or too close to the child, or out of place near them. 


Many victims of child trafficking learn or adapt to certain behavior patterns to stay safe or follow the rules they were told by traffickers. This could show in avoidance of eye contact or interaction with other children, rehearsed sounding answers to questions, reluctance to discuss family or no knowledge of family members when asked, and more.  It is rumored that professional traffickers hidden deep in corrupt systems will actually physically limit a child’s voice to make a noice or even stitch their lips together to mute their calls for help. Each child’s reaction and situation is completely different, but you can generally pick up on not right or off behaviors easily. 


Child traffickers look for individuals that are vulnerable to being trafficked or having an emotional attachment to their trafficker easily. This includes situations with homelessness, abuse, disabilities, substance use, immigrants, and much more. If a child is known to be or has some form of vulnerability before things like behavior changes, difference in appearance, and so on; there’s a chance they could have been or could be targeted by a child trafficker. 

Age Is A Factor

Any child of any age could be subject to trafficking, but there are age groups that are more specifically or easily targeted depending on your area and the type of trafficking. Young adults and teens are easier targets when they’re using substances or considering or have been runaways. Young children are easily gullible or lured often when uneducated on the risks. Specific areas of contact and types of trafficking are different, which is why the type of trafficking is important. 

Not every individual situation will have signs like these, but taking the time to educate yourself on this topic is very important to your life and to others in the world around you. Even if you think you will never or may never need to think about or use this information learning about important issues in the world is information that can then find its way to others through your knowledge and sharing. Child trafficking is much more of a struggle in our world than most people realize and it needs more recognition and education throughout the world so that we as a whole can fight against it and save lives.

Finding ZuLeah- A Recap up to this point in time

What if I told you that I know this is also happening in YOUR TOWN?  WOULD YOU CARE THEN? 

(FOR THOSE THAT ARE LOCAL..... I can ask you this question.  THE DIFFERENCE IS THAT I KNOW THE ANSWER. I hate the answer but I know it.😢) 

This is an ugly truth about our world.  Corruption, Selfish pervertion and greed!  Its happening here in Cape May County.  

Look! I know my heart.  I trust it.  I know pain and trials.   When I am standing next to a child I can tell if they are loved or if their soul is wounded AND "usually" I am right. I am good at getting children to stop crying. I think many of us are if we love that child enough.

If you know any piece of me you will know that when I set my mind to something its set.  I usually never waiver so when I need to find the truth, I will and I have.  I know the truth.  Its a truth that I believe I am called to reveal.

If you know my heart, which many of you do, you know that this is truth.  Its a hard truth but truth the same.

Some days when I think about this I wonder if I too would rather think I am crazy than right. 

These are the FACTS you all should know....

-The state police have NEVER asked me what ZuLeah looked like despite me reporting her missing. I am still waiting to give a description.  

-CP&PS does not have ANY record of a ZuLeah despite a Teacher(who I love-there are many) told me she was a "foster child" of a foster parent that I have NEVER met.

-On October 29, 2018 the septic system backed up down the hallways and into the classroom imperminating the building for weeks, (some say still) yet the school remains open and that whole day was covered up so deep that it took me months of undigging to prove.(but I did)



I am allowed to ask these questions.  


I am praying for you so very very very hard today and every day.  There is a little girl in this house that wants to have a play date with you and her favorite teachers.

Me (a stranger that cares) 

New Jersey State Police I am requesting that a wellness check be done on ZuLeah. I trust that the teacher and administrator from the Woodbine Elementary School Preschool Program will have all the info required to find her and make sure she is safe with her parents. 

Why is Woodbine Elementary School in operation?  Does anyone know?


Finding ZuLeah- An open letter

Below is correspondence with a local school that is involved with a child trafficking ring. I am publishing this as an open letter on my blog and as a way for others in my town to track my progress and help me find her. Please keep your eyes pealed. 

Dear Woodbine Board of Education,

I am looking for a child, and have been for a couple weeks, as I am sure you are aware through local talk and online word of mouth.  During the week of Nov 15, 2019, I was introduced to a baby girl that had a smile so beautiful that you could see her innocence.  She was just learning to walk and had determination with each step.  Zuleah is definitely a soul that will surely change the world for the better. 

I was told by a staff member that she was a foster child however I was also told they never had a child by her name in the county system.  I am concerned. Your prompt attention in this matter is demanded.  

I would like to schedule a meeting to discuss this child’s description and talk about how we can go about finding her to make sure she is safe with her family. I hope her mother isn’t missing too. 

Elizabeth Norton 

I believe

I believe that every tree is an adventure waiting to be discovered.

I believe that animals are some of the best teachers on this planet.

I believe that rocks are meant to be found, meant to be skipped, and meant to be climbed.

I believe dancing can open doors and ease pain.

I believe fresh air can heal your soul.

I believe salt water can heal your skin.

I believe that good quality dirt is one of our greatest resource this planet has to offer.

I believe that rain is magical.

I believe puddles were meant to be jumped in.

I believe that clouds are meant to be stared at, create philosophical conversations over, and spark the imagination.

I believe that walking on the sand can filter your perspectives and align your priorities.

I believe that controlled fire is a beautiful thing.

I believe that friendship is the worlds greatest treasure. 

I believe in the journey, hope, and possibility of a perfect world.

I believe the ocean is one way to understanding,  for it connects us all.

I believe it is our responsibility to look out for those that can’t look out for themselves.