My Adventure with Goat Yoga

Have you ever had a friend that has a personality that reminds you to be equally thankful and excited for life in the most unexpected places?  I have 2 friends like this, Kori and Emily. That is why, this weekend, while visiting Colorado I found myself striking yoga poses while simultaneously getting pounced on by Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  I have had a lot of friends get me into tight spots before but nothing quite like a spot on a yoga mat surrounded by miniature creatures with hooves. Still, days later, I find myself laughing and thinking about our goat yoga sesh.  Like every good adventure in my life, I wanted to share and hopefully inspire you to take your health and fitness experience to an out of box level. Goat Yoga is so far out of the box it may just be in the barn.

Here are survival tips for your first Goat Yoga Experience. (Not that you will need them. This is purely because I like giving advice and pretending to be an expert on incorporating barn yard animals into your exercise routine.) 

What is the point? 

When I first arrived at Goat Yoga I thought I just signed up for the most expensive petting zoo ever. As a semi, on occasion, kind of serious yoga student I was perplexed by the whole thing. But after the “kids” started playing in front of my mat I knew I was getting a combination of nature and studio yoga that I never have had before. Goat Yoga, seems to me, to be a fantastic way to disconnect from Life and all of it’s happening.  While one goat was very confused by the mirror another was head butting another in front of my mat. Dealing with depression, drama, stress, or just are bored with life? The barn yard characters can get you out of your head for a clearer yoga session and can be a distraction from the task of getting deeper into your stretch. I can’t tell you how many times I laughed. Goats nibbling on your clothes, communicating amongst themselves, and jumping on your back is nature at its most hilarious. 

Ewww but gross? 

I live on a 5 acre piece of property in the garden state so I am not oblivious to farm life and the natural defecation of animals.  But, When our yoga teacher explained that their goats were not potty trained I knew what I feared could be ahead in the next hour. But, it really wasn’t so bad. Goats have small pellets, and from time to time they do go on your mat. It’s not that messy and you don't have to do anything about it.  There are stable mates that follow the goats around for the occasional clean up.  Clean mats were on hand in case you needed it. Laughing is a common response. Got Yoga is about getting back to nature and everyone poops I suppose, goats and humans. The yoga class, much like life, continued while clean ups happened. The stable mates clean and you yoga on. It was, at times, gross but so is life.  My life certainly has its gross moments but that doesn’t stop me from living.  There is a metaphor here.  There is a lesson somewhere amongst the poop, yoga asanas, and goat hooves. When life presents yucky moments keep going? 

Losing weight is hard! 

I have never been this heavy while not carrying a human inside me.  The battle to loose weight is an upward climb.  Not only is it always a challenge but eventually it becomes monotonous and boring.   If you can mix up the climb by adding goats to your routine than do it.  If that helps you keep moving through life, there is something there. 

Challenge yourself to do something different.  Do something fun. It’s my hope that you and your yoga mat adventure into the world of goat yoga or something similar.  I am not sure if I will ever do in studio goat yoga again.  Maybe?  It’s definitely a once in a lifetime thing to try.  I wonder what the format of a barn yoga session would be like. So many things make up a good workout, the teachers, the surroundings, the sounds, and the movements.  It’s good to explore all options tulle you find a combination that works best for you. 

If you go to goat yoga you might want to be prepared to bring these things.

Old Workout Clothes

An Old Yoga Mat (or one to rent)

A Water Bottle with a Lid

A Sense of Humor 

Antibacterial Hand Gel

A Camera to Capture all of the Fuzzy Cuddly Goat Moments

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