You know the feeling when.........

You know that feeling when your digital data of your face is caught in a ring of pedophiles, child traffickers, and people are telling you how and what you “should be doing” and “how it should be?” 

No, Just me?  

Exactly! People who DO NOT KNOW should not be telling other people how to live their life. In addition, people “who do not know” also shouldn’t be saying what I am doing wrong WHILE I am using every single fiber of their being to make the ring stop in their town.  Children should not be hurt at the hands of money hungry pedophiles.

I made a plan to stop it.  It’s still in play.  I volunteered to be the one to expose it because I STRONGLY believe the photographer, (son of the publisher) in this town worked for the only news source that feeds the area. 

If you do not know about my past it’s because I didn’t want you to.  I have tried to keep that part of my story private.  But the past that I was given has made me the fighter I am and I am thankful for that. 

If you think this sounds like a horror movie realize you are reading the script from my own nightmare. 

I am thankful for the many people that have kept this quiet for me as I was not ready to talk about it and gave me time.  I am thankful for the people that have gossiped about me because it has raised awareness of child trafficking being done at schools across NJ which is still happening. 

Dad, thank you for showing me how to keep trying my best to work through my emotions every day in a healthy manner.  You are an example to me on the grace you can give yourself when you screw up.  Not one of us is perfect.

John, thank you for keeping me safe up until this point and being a person that has been an escape from all of the drama that came before you.  Thank you for letting me express myself in writing like I always should have.  Thank you for trying your best to get me out of the corruption once you discovered the reality.  

Thank you to my friends who are figuring it out with me and not against me. 

Jp, Nolan, and Zoey I wish this was none of our stories.  I hope when you look back at this you will not remember those who made you feel horrible in the spotlight but instead remember how to use your spotlight for good. I want you  to always make the wise choice no matter what is being said about you or against you.  I hope you always know your truth as much as I know the truth that I love you....which is a lot. I am such a lucky mom.

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