What She Does

-Speaks, recommends, and loves on products that have made her life easier, more enjoyable, or put a smile on her kid’s faces.

-Executes and encourages her networks for social good projects

-performs in theatrical campaigns, visual commercials, and/or radio. She is a public speaker in a wide variety of topics but only speaks on subjects she feels falls in line with her brand.

-Works with local companies to amplify their message to garner respect and customers.

-consults with companies and people on how their social media platforms can be used to better reach their market

-Entertains people via her web shows, Blog posts, twitter accounts, and other platforms with the hope of causing laughter, bringing her audience together, or teaching from her own personal experiences!

-Does meet and greets on locations to see her readers, hosts events, or visits conferences/conventions on behalf of brands that fit her lifestyle,morals, and ideals.

-works with celebrities to launch products, shows, and promote tourism attractions.