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At the age of 31, Elizabeth has had many opportunities to play her share of different roles.While her journeys have taken her to stage, writing, children party entertainment, and beyond, her finest casting role is one of being a mother.

Elizabeth Norton is never at a loss for words. She has had a dynamic life that has thrown her into many circumstances and this has made her extremely relatable to many different kinds of people.

Just some things that make her different.

  • Curator of Humans- Elizabeth is known for knowing other people. Certainly if you are not who she is looking for she can find the person that you are. She is an admin of influential networks and a member of strong social groups online and offline. She loves people. Social is what she does.
  • NICU Mom and Published Author- Co-Author of the book NICU Daze Elizabeth writes to encourage moms to look up in the NICU!
  • Foster Mom- She is a wife and mother to over 25 children while 23 of those have come and gone through Elizabeth’s house through the foster system of New Jersey 3 birth children remain who are delightful(sometimes) boys and 1 baby girl
  • Sickness Survivor- When sickness threw her into bed for over a year she put the time to good use. She learned the ins and outs of the web. Through a sad and scary time in her life she cultivated personal and business relationships that bring her so much joy. This experience has opened an online world that has made her relatable to a unique audience online.
  • Dreamer- Elizabeth is always thinking, dreaming, and planning. She is almost always game to try new things and find ways to help. Some ideas may prove to be a little crazy but they are always an unforgettable experience.

Elizabeth has written all over the web Her writings have been described as an emotional but blessed reading experience. Her video editing skills and presence make her a youtube success. She is a business women. She owns multiple websites. Many she is still a part of, some she has sold, all, to this day, include a part of her.

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She is founder and former owner of a blog for moms in her home county of Cape May.

She loves to share her story and is focused on keeping things real all while looking up.

Elizabeth pokes fun at her own imperfections as she discusses matters of motherhood, party planning, travel, teaching, learning and hot topics that effect the families of today. She is a voice for various motherhood panels.

Elizabeth has years of online experience that have made her stop and LISTEN to the main ingredient for a successful web marketing campaign. She has worked with moms of all types, with the tourism industry, and companies such as Hershey, Field Entertainment, Disney, Walmart, and has been listed in top moms to listen to on twitter two years in a row.
She reigns from the “true” South Jersey. If you traveled any further south you would be standing with the sand beneath your toes and breath of the wind across your neck. Elizabeth claims that the beaches of Cape May County are like no other.

Elizabeth has been married for 11 years to her “right out of High School sweetheart”!

Say what you will, out of all of the fun that she has experienced through working, being a mama to her 10 and 6 year old boys and baby girl, motherhood is by far the most challenging (yet wonderful blissful) gift she ever has received.