The Great Gender Reveal

Today, We found out a little bit about you.  We saw you yawn and we saw your hands and feet.  We saw you turn over inside me and we heard what I have been waiting to hear.  You are a girl.  I have been blessed by your two older brothers but even they were praying for some pink in this house.  We are delighted by this news.  Your dad, well, he was surprised to say the least. (the scanning nurse asked him if he was aware of how this could happen because his face was so confused)  That is O.K. He will get use to females taking over this house.  :)

Besides having me have a spell of morning sickness at the ultrasound office, we learned that you, indeed, are coming.  In 21 weeks we think.  You are around 10 oz and growing right on schedule.  I am so excited.  I am also scared.

Your brothers waited with grandparents as Dad and I consulted with the doctor.  We have to return to check on you in about 12 weeks just to make sure we know as much about you as possible before you arrive.  God has blessed Dad and I beyond we ever could imagine.  Your brothers are amazing and cute. So smart. We can not wait for you to meet them face to face.  Nolan talks to you often as he is height of eye to my tummy.  I think it is likely you will know his voice and think he is pretty cool.

J.P., well he was in shock about your arrival.  In fact, He thought we were playing a little trick on him saying it was going to be a girl.  No tricks.  You are coming.  Here is how we delivered the news.  We wrapped balloons up in a box and had them open the package for your great gender reveal.

Here are some of the moments on film. (or digital memory I guess you would say)

Thank you already for giving us smiles.  You have already taught me somethings.  One being that even though days and days I was sick God can heal.  I am sure you will teach me many many lessons in the future.  Some will not be so fun to learn. ;)  For now, we will focus on that lesson.  For the future, we will pray!! 

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