Tips for Revealing a Baby's Gender with Balloons

It has been 4 weeks since we found we were, indeed, having a girl! It was fun to be able to see our kiddos faces while revealing our baby news in such a fun and different way. We did learn some things that I wish I knew before.

Here are five tips to help make your reveal go smoothly. Whether "It's a Boy!" Or "It's a Girl" it should be a blast.
  • 1. Don't try to save the Balloons! I was trying to watch expenses and wanted to save the balloons. I decided to attach the ribbons to the bottom of the box so after they popped up we could still get some good photo shots. I wish I wasn't thinking this way. The balloons free floating would have made the experience more fun. Forget the perfect shot and aim for the perfect memory.

  • 2. Pre-peel the tape and fold it under. Everyone waited as my son searched for the end of tap and got a piece big enough to peel away to open the box. It tooooook forever! 

  • 3. Do not overly inflate the balloons. The store I went to made huge balloons. I was pretty bummed when they got stuck in the box and didn't actually float away. If anything I would suggest to fill them midway or less.

  • 4. Try to get everyone to stand in front of your camera. We were so excited to tell the news we missed my in laws reactions that were behind us. Even if the center of the reveal is for certain people in your life (such as kids, grandparents, aunts ect) everyone that is out of the know and there should stand off to the center. You won't want to miss anyone's face.

  • 5. Buy extra balloons incase they pop. I guess this seems like common sense. We were so glad we had extra. We lost two on the way to our revealing destination.

Congrats and good luck! We hope your baby news is celebrated as much as ours was(and continues to be)! ;)

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