What is in a name?

We flip through the book again that is inscribed with a copyright of 2003 symbol on it's back. We consider the options. Again. We know this name will be yours forever and we do not take this task lightly. Unlike your siblings, Your name is very hard to find.

What we want for you is so many things. We want your name to explain what we feel you are. Capable of. Where you have been. Where you, if you decide, can go. We know you control your destiny. We just hope that we can point you in a direction. An adequate name for you is a must!

We try to envision who you will be like, what you will be into, and what will make you different. We discus names often and your brothers have input. At dinner this topic frequents. They are opinionated. Your Dad goes for traditional names and your mom, me, goes for eclectic names with meaning. Your name, for sure, will some how be both. We will find it. It will be beautiful, I am sure, just like you.

We have considered and talked about your names over and over! We have talked with friends and family members. We have stressed. We have laughed. We have thought, thought lots. Through it all, one name has stuck. We considered it in the beginning and your brothers have called it to you as you have flipped about inside me making us giggle. They have scolded you, by name, lightly as you have made me nauseous with morning sickness. They have told people your name when referring to the day you arrive. Zoey is what they have called you. That will be your name. It means life. It fits. You have already, unborn, added so much to our life. We are thankful for that! You are full of energy. You are, for certain, strong.

We are sure this will be what we call you, one way or another. You are no longer Baby Girl. You, my daughter, are Zoey!

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