A Date with someone else....

Today, we continued our journey getting ready for you. It wasn't shopping or cleaning or doctors appointments. Instead it was a day set aside for just me and your brother. We are so excited for you but even so, we know our lives will change. I know that as time goes on your middle brother might miss being the youngest. Today we got ready for that.

We went out. Just me and him. Conversations were light in the car and silly into the movie theater. We saw a movie (Wreck it Ralph) and I realized how big your brother is getting. It wasn't to long ago when I went away with your oldest brother as I was getting ready for my middle baby to come. Nolan is growing at warp speed along with everyone else.

We dressed up spiffy, We ate at a nice restaurant. We worked on manners. We discussed dreams. We talked a lot about you!

Each one of you is so very very special to me. We are getting ready for our family to expand as my belly expands every day.

Know this, Nolan talks to you daily. He laughs and sends you kisses. He is a classy boy who is going to be one of the leading men in your life. He says he is up for the challenge. He is so very excited for you and thankful you are on the way! Time with just him and I may lessen but we have much room in our heart to keep you there forever. Be prepared to be loved.
Nolan Trying Calamari for the first time.  He was NOT a fan but talks about his squid encounter often. 
His journal entry the next morning.  (He will be a blogger one day)  1st picture has a plate with red loops on it.  That is Calamari.  We stopped and purchased a pottery wheel on the way home and made a plate when we got home.  It was messy but it was a lot of fun.

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