Being an Older Sibling is Hard....

Last night, I spent some time with your oldest brother, just him and I. I have to say, even though you would expect to hear this from a mom, He is pretty amazing. His laughter is contagious. He is so smart and he teaches himself new things daily. He has great potential. He is my first born and I am so very thankful for that.

There are somethings that usually aren't said from the oldest sibling to the younger ones. I want you to know these things. I hope that you understand them. I am the oldest and I really think, somethings, you just should know.

  • 1. Your brother use to ask for you. He would tell your Dad and I often that he wanted a baby sister or brother. He is an unselfish big brother. You are here because you are wanted by many. Appreciate this.

  • 2. Being the oldest is hard. Your brother is a leader. He is like a second parent. Sometimes this is great and sometimes this is not. I am not saying he is perfect. I am just saying he has different responsibilities than you. He will see things in ways that you do not. Appreciate this perspective. 

  • 3. Being the oldest you give up a lot. You give up some parent time, support, and you constantly have to share, you share a lot. Appreciate this. 

  • 4. Being a teenager is hard. They are, in my opinion, the hardest years you may know. Being the oldest child it makes things have it's own challenging things. The oldest paves the way. I am not saying we will not be here for your brother because we will. We just will be there for him in a COMPLETELY different way than how we will be there for you. Your father and I will learn from what your brothers teach us. Appreciate where you are and recognize that it is different from where your oldest brother will/is/was/has ever been.

  • 5. He will watch over you. He will probably know your boyfriend's family. Respect his opinion. It is worth something. It will be a different perspective than your father and I. Having another adult in your life during your teenage years that can understand where you have come from is a gift. I never had this and wish I did. Appreciate this. 

  • 6. I don't know what kind of man your brother will become. I hope he makes the right choices. I hope, and pray, that he will be someone you can look up to. I want to tell you this. Your dad and I are not perfect. Your brother is not and will never-ever be perfect. All of us will fail you. Many times we will be right and He will be wrong. Sometimes, He will be right and we will be wrong. We had you so you could have each other. Listen to each other, hear him out, and know that you are loved! Appreciate all of those things!

I can't see into the future. I wish I knew if your brother will become all that we dream for him to be. I know he has dreamed to be a big brother to a sister and THIS I know he now is. He will always be a big brother because of you. You have given him this.

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  1. As an oldest sibling I love this! It's been many years but my siblings are starting to see this