Picking a Birthday

Here I am. Only a human yet, something that is normally totally out of my control is in my hands. If things turn out to be the way we are planing this baby will be born on a specific day early (early) February. Basically, we have been counting the days till January but her due date isn't until the beginning of February.

Besides the fact that 1 bahjillion people are born in February in our family, this is exciting news! Exciting! But, it is awkward that we get to pick the day! Her day. Her birthday. Even though this is my second planned c-section (for medical purposes) it still is weird to pick the date that she will enter this world! (Have you ever picked the date before?)

We are trying to figure out when to let this baby out of this 9 month of consolidation that she is in. We are so excited about her getting here. For me, the mom, this pregnancy thing is getting harder and harder. I really WANT January but know that towards the end every.day.counts!

I am getting irritable. This is hard for me. I am only 31 but my body has been through so much. I am looking forward to this baby being out of my belly and in my arms.

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  1. What a strange thing to experience, picking a birthday. I can imagine the pressure to pick just the right date. :)