10 Things we Can't Wait to do with Zoey

We are in the final homestretch. We are excited that you will be making your arrival soon! The Baby Bump app on my phone keeps us updated on exactly how many days we have left till your due date, your approximate size, and what part of you is being worked on that particular day. I (mom) is having a harder time getting around. She can not wait for you to be here.

Big brother JP is finally getting excited. Not that he wasn't happy before but now is pure excitement. Nolan is the same, happy as a kid in a candy store. He talks about you, to you, and knocks on my belly like it is your bedroom door. It has been so fun to watch.

Our late night talks include how our worlds will change. We talk about our own dreams and how they will now include you. We also talk about our own childhoods and what we want you to experience too. Here is a list of 10 things we are looking forward to doing!

Buy her a scooter. (J.P.)
Race her in crawling and give her 200 stars if she wins. (Nolan)
Read to her. (J.P. and Nolan)
Make her a fort. (J.P.)
Take pictures of her. (Mom)
Take pictures with her. (Nolan)
Take her to Disney World. (Nolan)
Go camping. (J.P.)
Be there during her First Christmas (Nolan)
Show her the treehouse (J.P. and Nolan)

Looks like you have some things you need to do when you get here! We can't wait to stop dreaming about the things we will do and actually start doing them!

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  1. How sweet that you asked things they want to do with their little sister! You will treasure this list many years from now!