A year in review! (2012)

Ventured out of Cape May County at the first EDvaCATION trip with my boys. Stayed at a ukulele recording artist house that played an invisible trumpet. Watched my son take a spill and bloody up his nose. Fort McHenry flag lowering had two assistants fold a huge flag. Saw cousins and ate pizza with them.

Threw the best angry bird birthday party ever. Took a family vacation to Clear Water, Florida. Saw "Winter" the dolphin. Saw spring training phillies game. Went to Kentucky Fried Chicken headquarters on a press junket. Tried to steal the secret KFC recipe and failed.

Got to know a girl named Erica. Went on a vacation to Philly. Exceeded goal for miles on EDvaCATION. Ate rabbit. Ate in the dark. Drank out of goblets. Went to the Philly flower show, went to marine museum. Bought a sheep. Yes. A sheep. Named the sheep Fluffy.

Watched my son raise a sheep. Threw a movie party birthday party for him and his friends. Earth day brought 4 kittens. 2 became members of our family forever. Went and met a bunch of like minded (wait for it) homeschoolers that were also bloggers. Loved every second of that convention.

Got pregnant. Yes, pregnant. Went to Savannah Georgia. Ate crabs and fed alligators in the same space. Went to an art show and saw my sisters work displayed. My sister graduated. My husband GOT PROMOTED.

Found out I was pregnant. Surprised many. Went on a trip with my husband. Saw a big hole in the ground called the Grand Canyon. Thought I was going to get murdered in Vegas instead ate lots and lots. Came home and had morning sickness. Lots of it. Went to NYC for a blogging convention and came home super exhausted. Got a new car that had room for a car seat. We found out a BABY GIRL was on the way. BIL and Husband painted a room pink and started getting ready for arrival.

We played Soccer. We watched soccer. Halloween was cancelled but we survived a storm of crazy measures. Hurricane Sandy's eye passed right over our house before the storm broke apart. We hosted 2 cats, 4 dogs, 3 grandparents, and our family during the storm. What an adventure. Halloween was rescheduled and we escorted 2 mini police officers trick or treating.

We hosted appetizers and thanksgiving dinner. Husband tore a muscle during a football game and limped around for days. We served KFC to volunteers helping to rebuilding homes effected by Sandy. Kids served cookies and learned about a servants heart. Took both of my boys on individual dates. Ate fine food and went to movies. Both held my hand.

Christmas came and went. It was fantastic. We were blessed. Husband took off for a week over the holiday. We agreed that was the icing on the Christmas cake. It was his first vacation where we actually stayed home.
2013 is coming. We are looking forward to the year ahead.

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  1. Sounds like a great and full year!!! Fluffy the sheep, love it!! Pink is so much fun!!!! Happy 2013!!

  2. What a great year for you. So happy for you and the arrival of your new little one. Hope 2013 is your best one yet!!!