If you could see your room now.....,

If you could see your room, Zoey, I am sure you would be so mad at us. Your nursery, which was once perfect and organized, has turned into our family's Santa workshop. It kind of makes me panic but I know this is just for the next 2 weeks and then it will be perfect pink like it was before. Wrapping paper is everywhere, strips of tape are around the crib, and presents are hiding in your closet. (Don't tell your brothers)

This season is a little hectic. We are so excited for you to come it is REALLY hard for us not to rush through the holidays and be here waiting for you. It seems like every day we are checking the iPhone app to see how things are progressing inside of me, what size you are, and what you are up to. Zoey girl, you have us all excited but this Christmas is the last Christmas with just 4. We are going to have fun!

We went and sat on Santa's lap the other day! We talked about how next year not everyone will be able to fit!

We went riding through out town looking at lights and Dad even put some lights up on our house. (The first time he did that)

Tomorrow we are throwing a little Cookie decorating party. Everyone, except me, plans to eat sugar like crazy! (Yay for sugar cookies)

Seems like the only thing missing is you, yet, we haven't even met you! How did you do that?

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