What an IPad, baseball cards, and being awake all have in common

Dear Zoey,

We have been having a lot of sleepless nights, you and I. I am sure this is the first couple weeks of many but boy are they rough. Last night I felt like I couldn't breath, the night before that I had acid reflux, the night before that I was so restless I wanted to jump out of my skin.

The one thing that is funny on those sleepless nights is hearing the rest of the house sleep. When I say hearing, I mean hearing. Last night, your Dad was dreaming about baseball cards and an opportunity. I am not sure what the opportunity was for but it involved an iPad. I only know this because I asked him to get me water and he proceeded to talk to me about not finding the iPad.

Your oldest brother was dreaming about being awake. He eventually did wake up after I almost lost it when your Dad started actually looking for the iPad.

Don't let anyone tell you that the girls in this house are nuts because CLEARLY the boys in this house are not even in reality. Good thing we love them! Now to sleep.....


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