Getting back to your name.....

Who you almost were! Names we liked, we considered, we almost picked.

Alexanna (your aunt's middle names put together)
Jo-Ella (joelle) God is willing!
Vittoria (victory)
Scotland (to bad we have never been there)
Arizona (we were there while pregnant with you)
Hope (you have given us this)
Promise (I wanted to name both of your brothers, if they were girls, this)

Trinity (you are our 3rd child) For 1 hour you were this in the hospital.

Serenity (you bring us a sense that everything will be ok and peace) For 1/2 a day you were this in the hospital

Through all the options we always came back to this.......

Elizobeth (Zoey) Hope

We had called you this for weeks. Only your Dad and I knew what we were considering for your name. It was a secret just between us and no matter how much people wanted to know we always kept your secret safe. We love you! We hope you don't hate your name. When you are 18, if you must, you can change it. (We absolutely love your name and love you)

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