My first letter to you since you are on the outside

Dear Zoey,

I write this letter hungry, sleep deprived, needing a shower yet 100% in love. We are all just smitten. You entered our world with beauty and grace. Even though you came a few days early things were calm. I hope it is always like that!

You are an amazing little human that has taught us that miracles can come and do happen. That is what you are, a miracle!

I would love to tell you about your life but I am to tired to get the words out. Even if I was awake I don't think words would ever do you justice. You are amazing. I love everything about you.

Your father returned to work last night, your belly button cord fell off and you had your first colic filled midnight stretch. Everyone is moving on and growing. These things happening are just proof of it!

We love you. Every single day we are thankful even in the bag filled eyes of being tired.....Even changing the messiest diaper of them all.....And even in every bottle washed.....You are my baby girl and for the time I have you I will enjoy every single second.

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