The day two real Super Heros were made (a Babypop review)

It isn't every day you gain a sister. It isn't every day you gain the title "Big Brother"! So when it came to the big day I knew we needed to mark it with something special.

For months we have been mentally preparing for Zoey's arrival. While I am so happy that she is here now I am thankful that we had those pre months to get in the right mind set for a baby. I am not just talking about the fact that there is another human in our life but also that the human will be a girl. I only say this because I truly believe that the way my boys and husband treat my daughter today will help her pick positive people to be around tomorrow.

We want our boys to be each other's hero and Zoey's as well. So, we gave them super hero capes to drive home who they are and what they will be to her. Baby Pop was our go to store.

Our capes came wrapped in tissue paper in cellophane bags. Tied with raffia like rope the capes were folded nicely inside.
Each cape was stitched carefully. The hems were nice and clean. The shields were bright in a color contrast in a shade that I picked. Their initials were bold and stood out. In other words, they were awesome!

What really were fun were the masks. They were just as big of a hit which surprised me. The nurses got a big kick out of them. So did the boys.

At the end of the day I really hope they not only remember getting the gift but what the present meant. After all, this gift was from their newborn sister. She, for sure, will look up to them and naming them her hero that day was a great experience. We are so thankful BabyPop was part of that.

(These opinions are my own. This product was paid for out of my own pocket and we loved it so much we had to share!)

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