Dear Child it is Ok to Love Being Great

So today you were told you were great at something. You were proud and I let you be for a little while. Here is why. Being great is the latest cool if you ask me. It means you get something that someone else does not. It may be a geeky thing that comes easily to you or because you were pretty fast in that race you just ran. This may make you different. This definitely makes you awesome. This may make you cocky. There is definite room for needing balance.

While in school you may feel you need to fit in with everyone and while blending in has its advantages being bold has it's perks too. So be bold child, be bold. Don't be scared to love something. Don't be scared to succeed. Don't be scared to achieve at something that isn't the latest trend. Most of all don't be scared to be you.

Rise to the occasion and be happy. Be mindful of your competitors feelings but handle them with class. Be happy you achieved something great.....

But most of all Don't let others steal your joy.

I use to dance and be happy. Poor healthy took that away from me. Now I found joy in being a geek and I will be darned if I let people take that joy from me too. If you lose joy in something find it someplace else do not lose joy itself.

So, you found something you are great at and that others aren't quite there yet. It is ok to be different. to embrace your difference and work it to the fullest. Love your passion. Love it well. For enough hate is in this world. If you find something that you love that I don't understand or that doesn't interest me, love it even more. Love it enough for both of us. One day I may get it, one day I may not.

Feel sorry for those that do not understand your strengths. Do not call them jealous, do not feel hatred. Have a gratitude, deep gratitude for being able to love something and excel and enjoy.

I was warned about being prideful and directed to be humble. Somehow those messages were sent straight to my heart for many years and I did not live in my success. Be positive, enjoy the moment for it will not last forever. Live humble, realize not everyone is as fortunate as you
But most of all never feel bad for being great. For great is who you are.

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