Zoey and I review Evenflo Bebek Collection

I received products from the Evenflo Bebek Collection for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

Just a little information about Evenflo® Bebek® Collection features a complete line of bottles, nipples and pacifiers that are all created to feel more like Mom, allowing parent and baby to enjoy the bonding time that feeding provides.  The superior, one-piece vented nipple rapidly vents air bubbles into the bottle and not baby’s tummy, resulting in less gas, fussiness and colic.  The soft, wide-base nipple also provides an easier latch for baby and for transition from breast to bottle.

Just a little information about Zoey the most pickiest 6 month old I have ever met: Zoey is an amazing baby.  I love her.  She makes me smile every.single.day! But when it comes to bottles their are some things that I just do not understand with Zoey.  Maybe I will understand one day but for now Zoey likes ONE bottle. Not just one kind of bottle, one bottle.  We wash it after every use.  We are lost without it. Other bottles create mess, spit ups, and discontentment. This bottle came for free with formula.  This is frustrating so I was delighted to review the Evenflo bottle. 

Our results that we found were this.....

The new evenflo bottle was not a complete disaster.  We are fans.  The feeding did take a little longer then normal but we can work with that.  The bottle has a comfortable feel to hold.  I can squeeze her tight and in contours to my hand. Feeding time is so special and I promise to cherish those special moments and not rush them. 

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