Bitty Baby makes Baby Smile

I have always been envious of American Girl owners.  It was something I never got into but delightfully watched as my little sisters had theirs.  You can imagine my excitement when I got an bitty baby to review for Zoey.  The doll sat on her shelf for 3 months and I waited and could no longer take it anymore.  (evidently you can never be to old for American Girl) but as you can see on our video she was delighted too. (evidently you can never be to young for American Girl either)

PhotobucketAmerican Girl Bitty Babies are now available in 11 different styles to match your baby instead of 6.  I am so happy that I get to support a company that encourages literacy and family time.  I am looking forward to many book reading days and much more in the future with American Girl.

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