Your First Christmas

Dear Zoey,

It is 12:09. I can officially be the first to say (for the first time) Merry Christmas! 

Tomorrow will probably be a little crazy!  Morning family will be here and afternoon Dad has to will be your first Christmas and I am so excited about that! You are sleeping now..... Waiting for Santa to come! Growing up so big.  Loving watching you learn how to clap and wave.  Girl-you have mad rhythmand  clapping skills. 

I did want to share these pictures with you.  We took them yesterday! You are so loved! So very very loved! 

You had some moments.....

But you are such a great baby they only lasted a second....

We love you lots.  All of us!  Merry Christmas Zoey! 

You mean the world to me! 

Your Mom

Photo credit to Grace (your babysitter) 

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