2013 in Review

January can be summed up in one word.  Insulin.

Feb 4th planned on eating dinner with sister instead gave birth.  Pink overtook our lives.  Nolan wanted to know why Zoey wasn't born with pig tails.  Brothers became super heroes.

A cat became pregnant.  Gave birth in johns closet to 4 kittens.  

Beth became obsessed with headbands.  Zoey got dedicated.  3 ppl sang Zoey a song about being a lucky one.  Mom got out her guitar. The first time in years. 

Jp went to school.  We loved the school.  Decided to send both kids in September.

#jerseylove brought 40 bloggers to Atlantic City! It rained in Belmar but it was a beautiful day. #hashtag

The whole family became Champions for Kids.  Trips to Arkansas brightened the year.  Food banks and places of service became even more of a family focus.

Pj and g-pop finished the tree house.   #finally It was on a 3 year plan. 

We got chickens.  Yes chickens.  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 chickens!  What were we thinking? Don't answer that! We ate lots of omelets.  We ate lots of egg salad.  Anyone need fresh eggs? 

Elizabeth went to Chicago-ate pizza- at least it wasn't egg salad. mingled with new friends and old.  Networked.  

School started.  We lost a best friend. RIP Wake the dog.  Williamsburg happened.  It was fun.  Nice distraction.  Family time is so important. #welovehistory

Zoey learned to smile.  Zoey learned to roll over.  Zoey learned how to crawl.  Zoey started teething.  Zoey got her ears pierced. Elizabeth got her ears pierced. 

Ranger became part of our family.  Happy finally became happy about that.  Ranger finally got bigger than Safari.  Safari had to give up on trying to take over the house. Dogs rule and cats drool? Maybe? 

Went to community recharge! Best conference of the year hands down! Elizabeth got to hang out with B + E. #thankfulforfamily

Tigger went on an adventure and still is having the time of his life.  Fluffy went to a new home.  We visit often and are thankful she is loved. 

Halloween came.  Our whole family decided to tell the truth....we really are super heroes.  

John fixed a water heater and looked sexy doing it! #awesomedad 

Then we found out our Kitchen floor had to be replaced. Stupid dishwasher. Our new floor was torn up.  It stayed that way for the rest of the year. #Arghhhh

Champions for Kids held an inspiring conference to motivate change in the lives of kids in our communities.  amazing! It was fantastic! Ohhh happy day! 

Zoey had her first Christmas. Boys got Kindle Fires.  (We haven't heard much from them since) 

Grace visited for New Years. Elizabeth and John had a date! 2014 is gonna rock! 

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