10 things I want to be when I am a "Grown Up" mom

I want to be just a phone call away when you call with good news and just an airplane ride away when you have bad news. 

I will always call and leave you a voice mail message screaming and singing my own musical arrangement of "Happy Birthday" on your birthday!  It will always be epic. It will always be your special day! 

When you ask my opinion on something I will always ask you if you want the answer you need to hear or the one you want to hear. 

I will listen to your crazy stories and remember it isn't about me.  I will laugh, cry, or be mortified with you but still love you no mater what. 

I won’t judge you when you wear the same pair of pajamas 2 days in a row. Pajamas are comfy.  I get it! 

I will dispense advice but only when you ask me to. 

I will always treat you all as my favorite as long as you promise to not tell your siblings because I will tell them all the same thing. 

I will always wait for phone calls from you on Sunday nights. Always. If you don't call I will be worried sick. 

When I am at your house I will always make your favorite home cooked meal provided it is takeout. (Cause that is how I roll) It will be my treat. 

I will try to always make you laugh and I will challenge you to stay true to your passions and keep on learning new things. 


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