18 Months- Words you can Say and Other things


You are beautiful!  Every day you are on an adventure.  I love you even though you are exhausting always on the go and I hope you love me even though I am tired and having a hard time to catch up.
I wanted to keep you up to date on your favorite words that we can understand.  

Your vocab is increasing daily.  We are having a hard time catching up. 

1. Ohhhhhh
2. Wow
3. Mom
4. Dad
5. Kitty
6. Minnie (you call Mickey Minnie all of the time)
7. Daddy
8. Mommy
9. Ut oh
10. Hi
11. Owwww (you say this for dynamic effect.  You like that we turn our heads to make sure you are ok!) 
12. You Scream (that is not so awesome)
13. You laugh (that is awesome) 
14. You babble a lot (more conversations to come) 
15. You sing "Go" during "Let it Go" in frozen! It is adorable.

You love Strawberry Shortcake and you love the movie Frozen. You like Olaf. Minnie is your favorite though.  

You love playing peek a boo and you love the Patty Cake song.  You are a strong opinionated advocate against the "Wheels on the Bus" on the bus song.  You always leave when I start to sing this.  Maybe it is to long?  I have questions about this!  Maybe you will be able to explain this to me in the future.  

You love your brothers.  N makes you giggle like crazy.  J makes you feel safe.  

Your favorite food might be corn.  I am not sure but this could be because Jersey corn is the best. 

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