The Day you tried to Eat Sand

VBS was a couple weeks ago.  One of the nights we snuck out with you while your brothers were there.  You tried to eat sand, were afraid of the waves, but eventually tried swimming in the sand.  If you are gonna be a Jersey girl you are gonna have to work on some things. We had so much fun with you! 

Your first time in the ocean! 

You thought the mode of transportation to get there was hysterical! 

You weren't a fan of the waves.  I can't see myself being able to do this for you when you get older. 

You liked to walk! 

Your dad thinks you are a football and sometimes carries you like this.  You don't mind.  Don't worry-he thought your brothers were footballs too!  One day he will learn. :) 

I love you Z!  Teaching you new things is an honor.  I hope eventually you will teach me some things too. 

Getting a little better at the waves....but you still aren't sure. 

This is the moment.  We let you play.  You caught on it didn't taste good real quick. 

Minnie went with us!  We almost forgot her.  Good thing we didn't because Minnie is one a must have these days. 

Minnie and Z BFF's Forever! 

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