2014 in Review

January started off with a splash.  We went swimming in a pool in wildwood.  We decided New Year's Day is a family day to be together.  We took lots of pictures.

John and Beth volunteered at Alex's Lemon Ball.  It was very......yellow.  We were happy to give time.

Jp and Mom flew to San Francisco. (Boy did our arms get tired) We met a sea creature named Ziggy. We promised to see her again and help her in her new home.  We hung with family.  We will forever be thankful for this time.  We explored vegetarian food and thrift stores.  We listened to groovy music in a record store. Jp just wanted to by rap music.  Mom said no. :) We ate the best Mexican food Jp can ever remember. 

In Feb Aunt Olivia planned the Little Mermaid party of the century.  It was amazing.   We drove down to Florida to stay in Cape Coral.  Mom and Zoey flew back to help donate food to the Washington DC food bank.  Mom and Zoey took a train ride back to NJ.  Dad and the boys drove back from Florida and stopped for a phillies spring training game on the way.  After being home for 2 days Zoey and Beth returned to Florida to Disney to explore Disney with a Baby. #DisneyKids Grace came with us.  We love her very much. 

We came home.  We enjoyed home. We told the world all about life in Nj.

All of us flew to California to Disneyland for #DSMM.  We had an amazing time.  We ate in and out burger. We lost Nolan during the fireworks.  It was awful.  Then we found him. Disney handled a frantic mom fantastically.  In the end Nolan was just with "his" DSMM friends. :) Gray hair! Needed hair appt after that. 

Beth told the world she was sick.

We went to Mystic Aquarium for Oceans day and kept our promise to see Ziggy Star.  This time we took some online home school friends with the Edvacation Network. 

John and Beth renewed vows.  It was the one of the most beautiful days of our lives.  It meant so much. Words can not describe. No. Words.

Following day Gen got married.  Beautiful wedding.  Kids still talk about how they loved dancing.  They loved celebrating.  Watch out word......Zoey has moves.  We love Gen. 

Our kitchen got finally finished. Our water heater broke again.  Dan fixed it this time. #awesomefriendswehave

A dog caught a chicken.  It wasn't pretty.

We spent a summer enjoying Moreys Piers. Tenis Lessons with great friends were a highlight.  Joel was an awesome teacher! 

Nolan and Mom went on a trip to California. #typeaconf. They got to meet other family.  Nolan talks about them often.  Again thankful! 

Activation ReACT started.  Nonprofit leadership is alot of work. Activation day at DiggerlandUSA was amazing. Elizabeth felt so loved and is on fire to make a difference.

Beth got told she should rest and not work.  She didn't take it well. 

A something got another chicken.  We still aren't sure what that something was. We got given 6 more chickens which provided us food.  We are so thankful for them.  We look at them differently.  They give us a daily gift of breakfast as things got rough with mom not working. 

Ranger continues to test our patients.  

Mom got more weird news from the doctor. We are confused. 

We visited cousins in Baltimore. Mom drove the whole way there.  She was proud of herself.  The boys got to hang with more family.  The week following We lost a dear cousin from california. We cried alot. We got angry, mad, confused.  We still are.... 

We dressed up for Halloween.  Mom and Zoey got to be Minnie! It was fun! 

Beth was given a huge hug from friends near and far.  We will forever be thankful.  We cried tears of thanksgiving with who we have in our life.  We love and are loved very much. We will never know how to say thank you.

Jp became a star.  He was an orphan in the musical Oliver.  Nolan became a star.  He was Tiny Tim in Scrooge the Musical in Cape May.  Boys played a duet on piano.......Little drummer boy. They practiced around the clock. I can still hear the drumming. Christmas was busy.  Santa really does exist.  Though he looks alot like internet friends of mine. 

We decided we should go away for Christmas. Mom needed sun.  Florida was good to us.  In the last week of 2014 our dog Happy got internet famous. That was interesting. 

2015 I am not sure if we are ready for you but here we are.......

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