So....Elizabeth are YOU staying vegan?

So, Our 30 Day Vegan Life Challenge is coming to an end soon!  The month is almost done and I am going to miss it. (We will not be staying here, vegan, like the many inspiring people I know do.  I need cheese people. Or maybe I won't eat it that much? Who knows!)  Even though I was not overweight on the scale-internally-I know things were not functioning on the inside to the best of their ability. This left me worried. 


How was I going to be the mom my children deserve?  How was I going to remain healthy to be the wife my husband deserves? I mean really look at us, he so.freakin.cute and US and retro JCPenny engagement pictures. For Realzzzzz....!

 See, I love my husband so much.  He is an amazing man.  If anyone every judged my husband by his size (and I know they have) THEY have really lost out.  He is an amazing (not perfect) patient, funny ;) man.  Weight discrimination is a real thing and even I have felt it. (More on that later) Our anniversary is coming up soon, 13 years now.  We renewed our vows last year. It was beautiful! The words we promised each other were amazing.  Marriage can be awesome and sometimes it REALLY sucks.  I am not gonna pretend I have something I don't! Marriage is never perfect and my husband and I have had our share of drama.  Dude, marriage is so hard but I am committed to it.  I made a promise.  I really love my husband. 

(For real this man is awesome! That's last year at our vow renewal) 

I promised to love him in sickness and in health. I was the one with a diagnosis  of being sick with multiple issues.  I needed him to love me.  Sometimes, love is hard.  I needed him to love me enough to say something is not right with all of us and we eat responsibly and he did.  He showed me (more on how later) we all needed this change. (I mean seriously we aren't getting any younger ppl -did you see the pictures above? This thing getting old thing is for real.  I guess I need to talk to you about going into the epic relapse of the winter 2014) ;) 

So, we are mapping out our new lifestyle (not vegan) as we lean to maintain and maybe even lose a few more pounds.  (I have a crazy plan (I use to teach exercise classes I have a PLAN.  No one knows my plan.  Not my kids nor my husband.  My toddler is even involved.  I am so excited. My husband is clueless!  Bwahaha) You can follow me on Pinterest! John and I share multiple boards together and will be continuing to pin the whole process of  reintroducing foods to our diet, introducing us to new foods altogether and enjoying life. This month has been a dramatic change for our cabinets. (More on that another time) but mostly it has been the biggest change was inside me even if I don't say how or why. (You are just gonna have to trust me on that) 

Here we are mapping out our new lifestyle on Pinterest!  Feel free to follow along. 

Ohhhhh for those that have been wondering this week I lost 11 lbs this month and my husband lost almost 20.  I have always been in a healthy weight but I was getting close to get over for my height.....but we all know my health was the real issue.  At times I felt like I was dying slowly.  My healthy......matters more than numbers. I haven't felt this good in a long time!!!!!! :) 

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  1. I love that you feel better than you have in a long time. And marriage? You are so right. So hard but oh so good and sticking it out? So worth it. Love ya girl!