A ThankYou Note to my Readers, an Apology to my Children, and a Promise to my Husband! (All in one Post)

I wrote a <a href="http://www.prayingforpink.com/2013/10/a-love-letter-to-all-my-children.html">post that went viral about living in the moment and remembering where you came from</a>. (well viral for me.....this probably means not viral at all but for me it totally counts). It was about childhood and kind of a love letter to all of my children.  Some of the most amazing people commented on it and now months later it still is my most read post! 

I have one thing to say about all of that.  Thank You!  Thanks for letting me share my life with you and for letting my words mean something beyond what I would normally expect!  I love to talk and I am learning how to love writing.  Writing is something very healthy for a stay at home/homeschooler mom! I use to get emails all of the time from my readers often. Some were nice and some were ohhhhhh sooooo not.  I hadn't gotten one in so long but then I got this......... 

<bq>Deal Elizabeth,

I hardly know you but I follow you on Instagram and occasionally read your blogs. My name is ********* and I was so surprised when you commented on my picture the other day. My favorite post was your picture promise post.  You inspired me to write a letter to my children like this with their pictures.  It created a conversation between me and my oldest.  I haven't had a conversation like that with her in a long time.  I told her about you.  She now also is following you on Instagram.  Thank you for reminding me with pictures to enjoy the day, even the small things like drumming with sticks.  Your family is adorable and I wanted to share my moment with you.  I don't have a blog so this email will have to work.  Thank you for writing and sharing.  You are one of the few blogs I still read.  Thanks for still writing.  You keep some of us still smiling. 


When I read this I was "Like Holy woooooahhh!"  So,  I asked her if I could share HER words with YOU.  I wanted to respond to everyone that EVER comes to this blog THAT thinks like her........:

Thank YOU!!!!

Readers! You seem like pretty chill people.  Sometimes, you do not leave a comment so sometimes I am not sure if you are even there. But it's emails like that (above) I love and there is still a comment section on THIS blog that are the icing on a perfectly baked cake. Ask anyone in my family, I love to talk and love comments on my blog.  (sometimes the conversations have moved elsewhere -like Instagram and Twitter- but my comment section is here.....mainly because I don't know how to turn them off 😝😝😝😝😝) Thank you, All of you that read my blog.  That email made my day.  It is funny how our words can impact  how our days are going.  So, let the kind words continue!  Let us continue to show compassion with each other.  That is what I feel we need more of online.  <a href="http://youtu.be/CXFgNhyP4-A">YouTube will never band my channel for making a joke of other people's problems </a>and I rarely will talk about the latest trending hot topic in social media.  The online world is noisy and sometimes my voice online is not as glamorous as others or as loud.  But I won't stop writing.  I share my thought for my readers.  So, thank you for stoping by my blog and reading.  I appreciate every click.  Please find me online and say Hello!  I mainly write for my children. 

Speaking of children, My Kiddos, this is for you. 

Dear Children!!!!!!  I am sorry I am a camera loving, photo bragging, and social media posting mama.  One day this might annoy the Norton kids and I get it.  You guys are just all so beautiful.  I can NOT stop.  I am so thankful my oldest gets this about me and my middle kid likes to play along too! When my little guys are hurting, I hurt too. Don't worry. I have a digital pile of pictures that are pictures "just for us"!  Like the family photo of us on the carrousel is wonderful. (Only you guys have seen that one....and the person that took the picture) Thank you for being cool with me sharing our life and my journey as a mom.  I respect you and I think you are pretty amazing for many reasons and letting me share pictures of you is one of those reasons!  Like this picture......

Thank you for coming up with that caption middle kid!  You make us all forget about the adult world and remind many of us about our own childhood!

Thanks for being awesome.  I am sorry I am "that" mom but thank you for letting me be here! 

To my husband, 

No matter how many celebs I meet or red carpets I walk (or don't walk)!!!! No matter how many amazing friends (male and female) I meet or have met on this crazy blogging journey I promise you are still and will always be my real BFF and love of my life!  For evah and evah!  You stand behind me and let me be me! (weird hippie and wild dreamer that I am). It is so great I know that my life is pretty awesome with you in it.  We met young.  We started a family young.  We are getting old at way to young of an age. Haha 

I am glad I am getting old with you, getting healthy with you, and on this crazy adventure with you.  No place I'd rather be! I promise. 

So there is my ThankYou, Apology, and Promise to all of you ALL in one post.  My blog posts are off the cuff, unscheduled, but written with love.  They say that to be a successful blogger you have to be consistent.  Well, nothing is ever consistent with my life except my family. (And that is where my priority is)  I hate schedules.  HATE! I love blogging.  LOVE!  So, for now I will give this blog what I can and when I can but I will be online where I can.  My readers are my community and my family is.....well my family!  I love both.

ThankYou xxxxxxxx (I told her I would take her name out) for reminding me why I share and post! I am pretty thankful for everyone in my life and that includes the readers in my life on this little blog on the corner of the interwebs and reality. You guys, the readers and the future old kids that were once my babies, are a great addition to my not so perfect, but ever adventurous world.  Thanks! 

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