Ponies! Ponies! Everywhere!

I use to ride when I was younger.  My Grandfather was an advid horse lover.  I never got to ride with him unless he was pulling me in a cart behind one of my childhood BFF's "Butch!" (The horse) There was also Bindi that to surprise of my grandfather on buying her was pregnant with Shiri.  I knew them all, I loved them all.  I never rode on any of them but they all were part of my life.
So, when I was her age I went throughout cape may county (specifically area!) (in fact my friends have now built houses on the trail we use to ride, My Grandfather and I)  
I was more like John Paul's age when I actually road a horse in a riding lesson.  I began to ride!  I dreamed of having a horse and a farm.  I let go of that dream.
But their were few horses I actually loved.   I trusted with and felt connected with 2. 

 I have so much to say about what bringing horses back into my life and seeing through my children's eyes.

I have so much to say that I hope I get a second to come back and tell y'all about last Friday. (I rode for the first time in 18 years but first.....

Dear Zoey,
You were two when you could say the word pony!  You are such a big part of the farm. You love to jump in the puddles.  This drives Dad crazy, I laugh.  Doesn't he know farms are muddy? You haven't riden a horse yet, but soon?   I love to see you smile and giggle over them.  You love 3 the best but 1 the most. (More on that horse later) It makes me less scared to see you having fun! :) love you,

(Reason I started posting on the blog tonight haha)

Anyway.....It was a pretty exciting day.  I hadn't riden in 18 years. Eeeeekkkk!  I don't get much time to blog anymore!  I miss y'all but this homeschooling, mom stuff, horse, Broadway, and keeping ya fed is taking up like 25 hours a day. Lol haha rofl 

Dear Readers, 
I miss ya. 

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