2015 round up

2015 started off with a bang. Literally.  Fireworks were used in Florida to blow up Nolan's car seat.  Happy went famous on the Internet and had her 15 minutes. 

Beth's 5 year old website was lost. Devastation that a blogger would only understand but Let go and pushed Activation ReACT forward.

Zoey met Minnie.  It was heaven for everyone that was there.  She squealed.  We were happy for her.  Something I wish as family members we did for each other more. 
We went on a goal for everyone to be house healthy.  We all had individual journeys to physical and mentally overcome.  The journey continues but great strides were made. Beth started a new medicine but 2015 was John's year.  We are thankful for renewed health. 

Boys were in Oliver production #2 and Highschool Musical.  I think we are almost on an acting break.  We tried baseball for the first time. 

We explored NJ. Parks! 

We explored food.  Vegan! 

We explored getting to know each other.  Fun!  

Beth went full circle back to work.  Beth was excited. 

 We all read lots of books.  Bridge to Terabithia was the book of the summer.  

We hiked up a mountain. We walked trails. 

We got given a camper.  We went camping around the corner and felt like we were in a different country. We need to fix the camper up but we love every inch.  We even had our first day of school outside at the camper table. Loved ever second.  Jp started 7th grade and Nolan started 3rd. We miss the warmth. Warmth is good. 

Got a job in Cape May.  Full Circle! Excited for the next year.  She is glad to be finding roots and balance that align with health.

We redefined who we were online.  We cleaned out Facebook streams and purged over 300 people combined with who we feel social media is damaging relationships.  Our texting bill has increased but we do not mind one bit.  We feel closer to the people we love.  

Beth got back on a horse after an 18 year break.  Nolan rode a horse for the first time.  Jp got given a horse. 

We relearned and redefined our family holiday.   An uncle married that girl we met 2 years ago.  (http://www.prayingforpink.com/2012/12/a-year-in-review-2012.html) We wish them much happiness.  

We closed the new year off ripping up our carpet in the school room.  Major adventures in learning in 2016.  Word of the year, honesty.  Goal of the year: All of us learn something new.  Things are about to get real.  Come on 2016! 

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