Well, You are 3.

You got to ride a pony! 

But first we stopped to get cupcakes and you asked for Winnie the Pooh!
Your brothers had a TON of fun. 

You had a full conversation with Chucke! 
You rode on rides with friends!
You got puzzles.
Happy Birthday Z!

I think 2016 will be your year.  

Today we spent the day with friends and your Dad and Brothers.  You were so cute.  You wore me out at Chucke.........

I can't believe you are 3.  

"We get to be the one!  Through birthdays and broken bones, we'll be there to watch you grow.  We get to be the one!" 

I think we all understand the value of being your one right now.  You are nothing short of a miracle and everything I would ever need in a daughter.  May you enjoy bubbles and sandboxes, headbands and cardboard boxes, imagination and creation, and all the love we have for you, ALWAYS! 

Happy 3rd Z girl! 

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  1. Thay grow up so quickly, don't they. Sounds like you are enjoying the way.