The Glasses You Wear

Dear Kids,

Over the last couple months our world has turned into chaos.  While I try to shield you from the turmoil that surrounds you(us), I know it's an inevitable talk we will/have had. 

Hate can consume you.
Despair can cloud your judgement.
Sadness can take over your day.

Perspective is everything. 

Don't just listen with your head.  Listen with your heart but don't let emotions consume you.  Form independent opinions.  Reach out to friends from different demographics for wisdom.  Everyone wears a different pair of glasses.  Glasses don't come one size fit all.

Respond with calm words even when it is hard.  Even when you hear what you do not want to hear. 

Be the change in the world you want to see. Don't just talk about the problems of world.  Be the solution. This. Means. Take. Action. Beyond. Your. Voice! Speaking up is not enough.  Action is what matters. 

This doesn't mean talking about your problems over and over again. This means supporting, becoming, praying, studying and training for the solution.  

The world is full of critics and complainers.

Don't be either. Ever. 

We all have different convictions.  What is important to one is not important to all. Don't expect people to care, ever, just be thankful when they do.  Show appreciation.  Be open to disappointment.  The world will fail you for it is filled with imperfect people. 

I will fail you. 
Advice can come from the youngest view. 
Look for answers everywhere for God can be present anywhere.

When choosing your glasses, try on a few different pairs. At first glance, the first assumption isn't always the right one.



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