A letter for when your heart is broken

Dearest Zoey, (and all of my children)

May your heart be forever full.  There will come a day when it isn't.  You may feel helpless.  Heart break happens.  Healing is possible.  Always know this......

You are loved! Very loved! Always loved! 

Focus on the simpler times. Life is only as dramatic as you left it. 

Take a walk and notice the little things that can bring joy.  Buy your self daisies of any color and appreciate the miracle of each flower petal. You are a miracle too.

May you find solace in an animal that needs you more than anyone else. 

May you choose laughter over tears!

May you not be afraid to wear bold colors. Enjoy the magic of "flying."  Know that near or far we will never say good bye.  It will be "see you later!" 

Dear Zoey,
Heartbreak will happen. No one is perfect. Those that love you will fail you.  But know, Love can create miracles.  You are worth more than a stone on your hand, the designer shoes on your feet, and you, and you alone, determine your worth.  

A lady that knows her worth is far more valuable than a women who lets others decide it for her. 

Love you Always,

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