I can't wait to have (real) Coffee with you one day

Dear Daughter,

I love you but you scare me.  I adore you but hide from you.  On some days, I can't get enough time with you and others I want no more. You make me smile but you also make me tired.  One thing I know is for sure is when you move out, all grown up, I will want more time.

I am sure by then you will have changed. I wonder if by then you will have your ears pierced again.  I wonder if I will be shorter or taller than you. I wonder if your hair will be longer or shorter than yours is now.

I hope when you are old enough to drink coffee I know of these few things and many more.  I will ask you over coffee, What your favorite current song is?  Who are the people in your life that you love? How is your health?  How can I make you smile? In Between each question I will listen and drink coffee. I will sip and "try" to only give an opinion if you ask for it. (Psssst I will hope you ask but if not, that is ok)

I hope when we drink coffee your cup won't be filled with milk.  I hope it will be filled with the same as mine with coffee or tea. I hope we sip coffees from our favorite beans.  I hope you giggle and laugh. I hope I chuckle and smile.  I hope we are so taken by each other's company that we won't notice the dishes in the sink or the finger prints on the window. 

I hope we can go from place to place trying brews from all around the world and in the times when our wallets can not meet the travel we can enjoy coffee from the McCafe like we did this day.  Just your cup will be filled with real coffee and not milk.  

For one thing I know for sure, when you are all grown up I will want more time and a cup of coffee might just be what we both need. 


I was not compensated for this post.  However, I was invited to the #ClassyMommySocial and the #McCafe booth inspired this genuine post of what I look forward to when my little girl gets older, moves out, and is old enough to talk adult topics with over a nice warm cup of coffee. 

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