Imperfection is not..............

You are worth more than the oldest baseball card that could ever be sought after.

Though medium in stature, your heart is grand in size.  May it continue to grow.

These are the things that matter.

Your words make you who you are but your actions cement them.  Keep this in mind when choosing your way in life.

Your destiny may or may not always be up to you but every choice you make has a consequence.  Those consequences may yield good results or bad.  The result is always up to you.  What decisions will you make?

Be prepared if you are walking in the gray area between right and wrong. When confused always ask for directions.  Real men always ask for directions when they are truly lost. You can only fake it till you make it for so long.

Do not be scared to be you.  Going against the grain can be scary.  Always stand tall. I have joined the cool kids and I have hung on the bleachers with amazing people who have grown up to be more than the cool kids could ever dream. But on those days, on those cold, cold bleachers, we were considered far from cool. Today you see.  Tomorrow, will ALWAYS, surprise you. 

Sometimes, you will not fit in and that's ok.  On days observing those that surround you excluding you take note. This will teach you the recipe to include others! Including others is a great character trait to have. 

All of these things, just may,  make you a better person.  Growing pains aren't just physical.  They are also emotional, they may even be spiritual. But, they will absolutely always be necessary for shaping you to be the fine adult I believe you can be.

You are loved.

Imperfection is not a fault.  It is a starting point to achieve greatness. 

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