Happy 3rd Halloween

Fun night! Halloween is a family holiday for us. To me, it is better than Christmas or Thanksgiving. There is almost no stress. It is a fun holiday filled with imagination. (It isn't the ideals of Halloween that I love. It just is the togetherness I feel on the day.). If you omit the scary and define the holiday the way YOU want it has so much potential for being a perfect day/night filled with a cup of warm apple cider at the end.

You drug you older brothers from house to house.

You went behind this tree and said "I am hiding!"

I have always wanted to go crazy with glitter on your hair. Last night was the night.

Instead of matching we both were insects that frequently visit my tree out side my window. We had so much fun! I am legit laughing in this picture.

You will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be our butterfly. May you always find flight and may you never stop reaching your dreams. Imagination is something I never want you to give up. Keep dreaming kid!

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