2016 Recap

Dear Kids,

Here is your 2016 recap. 2016 January was filled with tears of plenty. We will never forget. We moved into February hoping to find joy. On the 4th we celebrated Zoey being 3. 1 week later grandma honey flew in to celebrate Nolan being 9. The following week John turned 35.

Beth's photography was featured in a national bridal magazine. Beth started a new job and worked like crazy.

The whole family worked like crazy and either produced, stared in, directed, or ran spotlight for a fundraiser for Activation ReACT. We realized the true benefit of beautiful friends and what the stress of tech week looks like. We learned about the value of contracts and the disappointment of family. All were important lessons learned. The following week Beth said a surprising goodbye to a job she loved but felt she never had a chance to shine at. Later on she realized this was a blessing in disguised and questions were answered. We gained 7 chickens. We relocated Mom Mom. Happy stay home! Ranger escaped multiple times.

We had a book club and loved ever page turner of "Flicka!" We loved seeing our horse loving friends every Tuesday. Beth and John went away for their anniversary.

The summer started to appear. 2016 was filled with beach visits and sun. Beth worked hard pulling in 58 hour weeks. She met people who taught her how to be a better person and great friends. We went fishing. We had fun.

John became Mr. Mom. He managed just fine. Jp went to camp and became camper of the week. We lost 4 chickens. We rode horses. We got ready for our first year in public school.

September came. Everyone loved school. Beth took a much needed trip to Colorado to visit friends. Halloween was fun but we missed someone that night for sure. The Norton grandparents sold our family home and relocated. Jp was in Brigadoon. Nolan made it to semifinals in soccer.

We lost our favorite horse but not before one last ride. RIP Spirt! We spent thanksgiving celebrating a combined Christmas with the Norton side. It was a great day.

Beth got sick. Then she got good enough to come home. Christmas Day were we got to hang with Marti. Surprise, we are going to Florida.

We bought fireworks! We went kayaking . Everyone tried paddle boarding. It was epic.

2016 was the year of change. I am sure 2017 will bring change too but I AM SURE IT WILL BE GOOD STUFF! Get excited!

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