Christmas isn't Easy for Me

Christmas hasn't been easy for me. It use to be. But, then I had kids and got tired. Then I got sick and there is no doubt in my mind the stress of the holiday season interferes with the health of my body.

I am an imperfect person so if you are expecting perfectly wrapped presents and chestnuts roasting on an open fire you probably should try the house around the block. But, if you want to see kids excited over a book about a guy in history, siblings playing with each other(instead of fighting), or eat homemade pizza and birthday cake than you are welcome here. Those that are faulted are welcome here. There is no place I would rather be during the Christmas Day then in my house. We drink copious amounts of coffee/hot chocolate and spending a day watching Christmas movies on repeat.

My kids don't need much. We live a minimalist lifestyle. The less stuff we have the more we have of each other.

My son might be Batman. This gift was a win!

Zoey loves loves loves her fish. His name is "Orange"!

She also loves cooking for all of us. We were playing restaurant all day long!

Inside Out, our current favorite family movie, made an appearance when John and I reminded our kids that a little creativity could take you a long way.

Books with messages inscribed from those that are active in their life will always remain a keepsake. They enjoyed this gift a lot.

Jp and I became the food critics. These chefs were legit serving up ice cream and boiled plastic grapes.

Santa brought a little wisdom along with some special surprises. (Thank you Aunt O for making these tags)

I found the type of kitchen playset I use to play with in an online yard sale. Zoey was so excited and so was I.

Nolan said his heart was touched more then once.

The night before which was really 15 minutes before Santa arrived because their Dad had to work. This is what Christmas looks like in a Law Enforcement household.

The kids are getting older every second. I am more interested in the togetherness of Christmas than the clutter. Our hearts are full to the point of bursting, even still the day after. It was a Merry Christmas after all.

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