Summer summed up : 2016

If we could take almost all of life's lessons and cram them into 3 months, I think this summer would have been the summer of learning for me. I have sorted out friend from foe. I have sorted business relationships from personal. I have had to judge right from wrong like I was in my 20s at the old age of 35. I have loved till a part of my heart ached because I felt helpless. I had patience for imperfect people that stretched and pushed me. I have made mistakes that proved I was far from perfect and flawed. I have relationships that have proved not everyone is on my side . I have had relationships that have proved that friends come from surprising places.

I have soaked in the sun for the first time in years. I swam in the salt water. I have cried about not being able to help people that didn't want to be helped. I enjoyed laying on the beach. I have loved and learned on a deeper level that love is never wasted.

We went fishing.

I have struggled how to recap this summer. I was almost silent behind my keyboard going off grid. But in my mind, nothing was silent and everything was screaming. This summer has stretched me to the point of break as a parent, wife, coworker, and friend.

Relationships have crumbled. Some I have rebuilt. Some just are what they are and I have to be ok with that. People are egotistical and throw lame problems in the face of real ones. I have been a victim of this and an unintentional upholder of this.

I have stood up for what was right. I have watched and done nothing at the wrong around me. I have loved and been rejected. I have loved and been accepted. I have been a provoker and been provoked!

I have learned, once again, that I am flawed with good intentions. I have learned that good intentions are not everyone's intentions. I have learned that people don't know fact from fiction but spread word that it not proven anyway. Because of this I realize we are ALL growing.

The summer of 2016 was broken, busy, fun, exhausting, beautiful, and wild. At the end of the end of the season, I know, that 2016 was a summer season I can look back and see light, growth, love, and lessons. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I guess that is what we ask of every summer. Each summer is an adventure! I am all the more better because of it.

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