Where Girl Power Is Stonger than My Husband's Time

This is me and my man. It was our 12th year anniversary and we had just renewed our vows! I meant every word I said that day. He meant every word he said. (As far as I can tell! 😉 His actions have spoken louder then his words since that day. He has proven he will be there for me for sickness and in health)

I needed to hear him say "in sickness and in health" because by year 12 we knew I had a chronic illness and my body was getting tired!

I was admitted into the hospital the week before Christmas 2016 and....


I was never taught NOT to depend on a man. Marriage just kind of happened for me. With that said, I certainly have enough spunk to know how to get the job done without a man though. John knows this endearing quality of me. I have made a living from home and can hustle like a rockstar. I have been blogging for -almost- 10 years and on multiple months brought in more than my husband.

This world is hard. It is hard with someone fighting with you. I can't imagine fighting alone but I could if I had to. But, I don't want to. We make a good team.

But just because we make a good team doesn't mean I DON'T HAVE GIRL POWER, yo!. I can bring it when it needs to be brought and that little girl next to me in the hospital bed has spunk too. She will be able to hustle in a job, bake a cake, and get a manicure all at the same time. I am positive she is destined for a bright future. Everyone needs to clear out of the way. She has potential to be a force in her own right. She will learn how to work hard and she will learn how to work on a team. Balance!

There seems to be a resistance in our culture that working along side a man means you are weak. I said alongside. I hope by the time she is working the daily hustle the glass ceiling will be shattered and then made into an art mosaic to put on display for generations to come and celebrate.

Until that glass ceiling is broke, I will work with men and women and treat them the same. Women can be just as disrespectful as men. Men can be jerks. I can handle a jerk like a Tiger.

I believe 2 minds is better than 1. 5 minds are better than 1. I don't care what kind of genitalia the 5 minds have. I care about collaboration, intelligence, and team cohesiveness.


I will hustle so I don't need to "depend" on a man but because a man needs to depend on me. That is team work.

And in the end......my girl power hustle will give my husband time. Time to do what he loves. Time to be with his kids. Time not spent mandatoried in overtime stuck in a job he "kind of" doesn't dig. I will hustle so he gets time to spend on himself. Because in the end, my true team is my family.

Value the team you have. If you have the right team it is priceless!

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