Dear Pinterest, I Can Quit You!

Dear Pinterest,

We Quit Birthday Parties! Don't believe me just watch. (HOLD UP...there is a song with those lyrics! I am including the video for your listening pleasure.....but keep on reading!)

I just can't keep up anymore. The last birthday party I threw almost killed me. I swear on the cake that cost me over $100 I almost died as I said goodbye to the last guest that left. I just can't! I. Can't. Do. It. Anymore.
  • The cleaning.

  • The planning.

  • The inviting. (Everyone)

  • The (more) cleaning.

  • The decorations.

  • The meal planning.

  • The meal cooking.

  • The entertainment!

  • The clean up.

  • The everything!
Look, I use to be a party entertainment organizer. I made tons of mula. I always walked away from each party, like, "Why would someone pay this much money for 3 hours?" Ohhhhhh, Now, I get it. Being a mom to 3 is more than 1. Ohhhh how my life has changed. Ohhhh how I wish I could hire my former self to celebrate with birthday parties, but I can't.

I can't keep up with the Jones. I can't keep up with the anyones for that matter and really birthdays shouldn't be about anyone other than the birthday kid.

So sorry, no goodie bag for you, and you, and you! I am not Oprah.

I guess this has been a long time coming I just didn't want to admit it.

So, we are celebrating in a different way.

I bought this mug.:Festive Happy Birthday 13 Oz Coffee Mug with Cupcakes and Confetti Great Birthday Gift

I bought this hat:Forum Novelties Happy Birthday Cake Top Hat

I bought this banner: Rustic Burlap Happy Birthday Banner

Grand total = $38.00 (and I know everyone is excited to wear this weird hat and drink from this special cup on their special day so it WILL be used more than once. Fo' Sure!)

These three things sit on my top shelf out of reach above my bed. You are only allowed to wear the hat or drink from the cup on YOUR special day.

1. You get a candle in your pancake.

2. You get to pick a family activity to celebrate your day.

3. You get to pick the meal we make for dinner.

4.You get banners that say "Happy" and "Birthday" spread across your doorway.

5.I will make you a cake made with so much love.

Birthdays are for celebrating the birthday kid's life with us on earth. Guess who has the next birthday. She keeps trying to reach the items on the shelf. The day will be so fun for her! She keeps asking and plotting on ways to get these items down. She even has asked strangers that have come into our house.

Birthdays are redefined for us, for now!

(Still plotting)

Not until your special day, girl!

It will be special. I promise. It just won't be obnoxiously crazy with 1 trillion people. The count down has begun and none of us are dreading your special day. We love you and we will celebrate you and just you.

What will we do? I am not sure BUT it will be epic and it will be a day celebrating the wonderful you that you are in a wonderful way!

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