Siblings are forever. In good times and bad. If you happened to read my 52 Mondays post then you would have seen that one of my goals was to paint MY OWN PICTURE. Well, if you are a mom you know "my own" is a hard thing to claim. (That's why I picked 52 things!) I will show you "MY OWN" picture on (me)Monday but until then......

The painting thing caught on after I finished my painting. It started with Z making "rainbows" which really were just lines. After about 30 minutes of lines she was done.

But not before SHE posed for this picture.

"Bro Bro" took over because it was snowing and saw something that could be made into something beyond a 1/2 used canvas. (He is my artist!)

He was trying to make it into something but wasn't sure what.

"Chicken" decided a canvas should never be just white. The other two gave Jp a turn. He suggested they should pick a word to write on it.

So, Bro Bro got to writing. Chicken got to thinking.

They picked the word FOREVER... (that's with 3 dots which "Chicken" claims is a continuum just like being a sibling)

I swear they came up with this word on their own. And by the end of the snow day they were finished. I will savor this canvas forever... (I also will ALWAYS WANT TO ADD ... to the word forever...


In good times and in bad(see above where Zoey was no longer into posing for a picture...sigh) they will always and "Forever..." be siblings.

P.s. Later she was into picture taking! Surprise!


This is how we survive snow days. But, most of all hard days.


Who knows how long forever... will be. Hopefully, they will all 3, outlive me. But, they will ALWAYS be siblings no matter what.

Dear Kids,
You will change into different humans with different ideas. You WILL disagree like you do now. Being an older sibling is hard! (Which I told you already) You are all imperfect and will "most likely" think adulting should be done differently than the way the other sibling is doing it. Always remember, that you have something in common. Your past, your parents love, memories of painting and hot chocolate on snow days, and the glorious adventures of getting that picture for this blog "just right!" I love all of you, "FOREVER..." and ever!

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