Let Them Be Little....Let Them Grow up

I got married when I was 20. I had a baby when I was 21. (11 months later for those that ALWAYS wanted to count!) I will have a high schooler at 36. This means absolutely nothing to you but to me proves the time is flying. Every moment we experience is just sneaking by us. Enjoy the times! All of them. Even the ones when your toddler is totally dramatic and is having Opposite Day and you were never notified. Pay attention.......

......... Take notes. Capture pictures. Growing old is happening. We can't stop it.

We have to let them grow up. If we didn't, we would be doing you a disservice of not letting you live the adventure that we have had.

So for my teenager.....

  • Embrace the change! (The good changes and the not so fun ones)

  • Enjoy the people (The good ones and the not so nice ones. They all have a lesson to teach! )

  • Enjoy the work (The hard stuff and the stuff that comes easy to you!)

  • Be you and if you are unsure of who you are, look around. You are the company you keep.

    ....and always eat your vegetables.

    I am so proud of you. Words can not describe the amount of love I have for you and respect for what you have accomplished. Your future is up to you. The kid that was born and rushed to the NICU has a million doors open to him.

    You get to pick the doors, kid.

    I want to just encourage you and give you advice if you need it or want it. (We secretly hope you will want our opinions. So please be open to hearing us out every now and then! Sometimes, we know...... somethings!)

    We love you and are so glad that we get to be the ones to raise you. You are my favorite teenager on this planet. (At this time ;). Thanks for being a fun kid!

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