The Characters that We Are

Meet the Characters in my Life........

This is John and I at our vow renewal at 12 years of marriage. We are going on 15 now. Back then, we realized I had a chronic illness and John was contemplating surgery. I wanted/needed to hear "I take you in sickness and health" again with the new intel and the time that had past. The picture is above is from that day!

John and I are both 35. He appreciates the writer in me, on most days. He supports me in my occupation just like I support him in his.

As each of our kids grow, they morph into this hybrid version of John and I. (Sometimes we see an aunt or uncle in them) Zoey has renamed them, so let me introduce you to the comical, mini adults in my life. They are INDEED Characters.

This is "Chicken"! If our last name was Gilmore he would be my Roary.....but our last name is not Gilmore. (This news delights him!) He is @IamJNorton on twitter. He is very much the character of them all. His name is "Chicken" because he takes care of our chickens daily amongst the other animals including his horse. He is the bravest teen I know. On our hardest days he holds our family together. He is a great brother. He loves camp and loves drama. (He and I get into deep theological and hypothetical conversations after seeing a show together. The conversations last often. I love that we share this.)

This! This is our middle man. We love all of his spunk, enthusiasm, and the love that he has for his siblings. He prayed and wished for a younger sibling. She calls him "Bro Bro!" He likes playing marshmallow wars and is very dramatic. He likes video games but is an avid reader. If you don't see him in high energy mode, you see him with a book. He is a great in between kid and somehow balances being a GREAT big brother and GREAT younger brother. He gets into just the right amount of shenanigans.

This is Zoey Norton. (If you call her "Princess" she will correct you.). Zoey is the baby of the family but likes to pretend she is in charge of all of us. She is the strongest 3 year old I have ever met. She is working hard to find her way in the world. She is learning how to communicate with us respectfully, that eating glue is disgusting, and other 3 year old lessons we all need to learn. She loves our horse and 2 very large dogs. She has learned that the dogs actually listen to her. She likes this.

I am Elizabeth, aka Mom. This picture is from 1997. I am sure my girl friends did my hair this day. Don't you just love my bangs! Haha (This picture was posted for comedic pleasure!) I love being a mom on most days. I have a professional bio here. This is our story. I am a social media personality and published author. My work has been featured in Racheal Ray, American Baby, Today Mom, and Redbook to name a few. I also has been involved in various social media strategic campaigns but my main gig is motherhood. I also am now concentrating on the families philanthropy Activation ReACT project that helps with disaster relief.

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