The Jobs I have had yesterday....

The Jobs I have had yesterday....Have made me who I am today! Lauren Graham, who starred in Gilmore Girls, talked about listing all of her jobs in her life time. I decided to take her lead. In the process of making this list, I learned these 5 these things.

1. Never be to proud to hustle. We all had to start somewhere

2. Never forget where you came from. This keeps you grounded.

3. Everyone needs to pay a grocery bill. Even during the unhappy jobs we all still need to eat. Push through the unhappy jobs.

4. Be proud to have a history of working hard. Others are jobless. Choose to be thankful.

5. Somethings never change. One of those will always need a place to sleep, a roof over your head, and a full tummy.

Chamber Maid
Popcorn Sample Giver
French Fry Maker
Dance Teacher
Clinique Sales Associate
Bank Teller
Actress at a Dinner Theatre
Birthday Party Entertainer
Foster Mother
Computer Teacher
Marketing Strategist
Toy Demonstrator
Word of Mouth shopping experience influencer
Event coordinator for social good
Civic Recruitment and Social Media Engagement Director
Tv Personality/Guest Expert
Food Network Ambassador
Travel Writer
PR and Engagement Director
Published Author
Tourism Spokeswoman
Social Media Strategist
President of a nonprofit
Director of a Musical
Retail sales
Organizer of house
Paid blogger

I started working when I was 13. There are over 25 jobs listed above. I wonder where the next 5 years of adventure will take me.

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