What it's like to get an MRI in CMCH

So, I had an MRI done. I like to drive google crazy and use as many letters that make no sense in the titles of my posts. It probably isn't great for traffic but I like feeling like I know a secret language. CMCH=Cape May Court House

Today, I had to take a test. Not a test I could study for. I have never hidden that I have on going health issues. If you haven't gotten that message yet, SURPRISE, I am a the proud owner of a whacked out, dysfunctional, weird, and sick in a not-so-sexy-way body. It's all good tho, I got this .......and I know people who aren't medical mysteries and are medical casualties....so perspective matters.

First, I believe in mind over matter

This is written in jest because if I live in jest I CAN SURVIVE!

So.......when crammed into a tube that is like a coffin I close my eyes and picture the beach. Not like the jersey shore beach but like the Caribbean beach. (The jersey shore beach is to much like home) I am not claustrophobic. It's, like, the one thing that I don't suffer from. I think happy thoughts and breath, but today went like this.

I slide in. Tap! Tap! Tap!

"Elizabeth, I need you to breath!"

(I thought, "I am breathing!") I took a breath!

"Elizabeth, please breath!"

I was trying to breath! (How can I not be breathing? Do they now something I don't know? Is my skin blue? I don't think I am dying. Don't you die if you aren't breathing).

Please Breath. Elizabeth we really need you to take big deep breaths. (Again so confused. Maybe I should have studied for this test. Am I not a good breather? What is happening?)

I had my hands above my head like I was doing a table dance, except I wasn't. But, imagine if I was for a second. My parents would be mega proud!

The banging and tapping was now in full force.

Elizabeth breath.

(I am breathing!)

Breath bigger!

(Bigger? I didn't know there was a size option!)

Seriously,I felt I was in the middle of a war between clones in a star wars movie with bad aim. Seriously, yo, I was caught in the cross fire!

Elizabeth, please breath!

I am totally relaxed. Like sippin' Long Island ice teas on a beach. Mental power! But still, they urged me to breath. I don't know what is wrong with my breathing, but evidently I have been breathing incorrectly my.whole.life. You learn something new every day.

BTW-My veins are freakin fabulous. Kids when you grow up, one of you will probably not want my veins. Let's start praying for that now.

I get restuck because my vein gets infiltrated. I am not going to cry because enough people in this town think I am crazy. Darn it. I am crying. They hand me a tissue.

The clone Star Wars fight ensues again. I am now on a science fiction and clones filled beach. (Note to self: write a science fiction novel that includes a beach scene. Double Note to self: You probably SHOULD watch a Star Wars movie at some point....cause I should probably know more about clones.

I am not sure what they saw. It was the longest MRI I ever had. I stumbled out into the lobby.

I walk out side and John opens the door for me. Gosh darn it, I love that man and I now......I hate how I breath.

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