Me Mondays: Dye my hair BOLD!

The world is not limited by IQ. We are all limited by bravery and creativity. -Astro Teller

Recently, a conversation came up about intelligence. In conclusion to the constructive conversation I think most of us realized intelligence isn't measured in metrics but implementation. I may not be the smartest cookie in the bunch, but I have done well for myself professionally and personally.

Be brave. Use the talents that God has given you and that will bring you success.

We only have 46 Mondays left in the year.

I only have 45 more things to do........

1. Audition for a Musical/Play again and actually rehearse and PLAN to try out
2. Dye hair boldly
3. YouTube a song of me singing
4. Power walk around the block (my block is huge)
5. Try Botox or an agent like (just interested in looking younger)
6. Go to the chiropractor (on a regular basis)
7. Get a massage (at a chiropractors office)
8. Swim with dolphins
9. Visit Nashville
10. Hold a sloth
11. Write a letter to the 40 year me
12. Go on a date with Jp
13. Go on a date with Nolan
14. Go on a date with John to somewhere different with no expectations or explanation
15. Loose 15 lbs
16. Take Zoey to a butterfly museum
17. Grow butterflies with Zoey
18. Apply for a grant for Activation ReACT
19. Gain a sponsorship for aR
20. Sew a wrap dress
21. Write a blog post every Monday
22. Learn 5 songs on guitar that use the same chords
23. Play a song on the piano
24. Paint Zoey's room
25. Make a new comforter for my bed
26. Buy a new mattress for us (I seem to work mad hours and then have little to show for it)
27. Only work 3 days a week during the summer (Beach it 4 days)
28. Fill our house with pictures (It is time to make our house a home)
29. Use oils more and claim a signature scent (not clove or health related)
30. Paint a picture (full of color)

31. Learn how to make healthy candles
32. Take a real family vacation with rest and adventure
33. Rip up the carpet in Zoey's Room and Paris Room
34. Clean Paris Room
35. Clean Attic
36. Start a Meal Planning/Grocery Shopping list Binder
37. Learn how to eat healthy on a budget
38. Visit the White House
39. Visit a college with Jp/Nolan
40. Climb a mountain
41. Read a new book every two weeks (or audible)
42. March for something I believe in
43. Sing Karaoke
44. Take a writing class/workshop
45. Get new carpet for my room
46. Run/Walk a 5k with Jp
47. Get buff arms
48. Take a vitamin 365 days in a row
49. Learn how to make doll clothes for Zoey's American Girl Dolls
50. Build a huge sand castle
51. Make coordinating hats and scarfs for my family
52. Refinish the floor in the entry room

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