3 Things you may want to know about Hula Hooping And Exercise

In a world with walls and politics and famine and fighting wouldn’t it be great to just find a way to just be you, in the moment and in the movement? That is what hooping is for me.  While I know I sound “so bohemian” when I talk like this I truly mean it.  Hooping has given me something to share with friends while simultaneously getting lost in myself.  My hooping journey has just begun but this is what I have learned so far.

  1. Not all hoops are created equal

Buying a hope isn’t as simple as going to the nearest Walmart in their weight loss isle.  It is not finding a hoop in the children’s section either.  Hoops are best bought being fit and customized directly to your height and your weight. Your weight, the hoops weight, your diameter, the hoop diameter, and the tube diameter are all factors in a successful hooping experience. 

  1. Hula Hooping is Breaking Ground

While the hula hoop may bring you the feeling of nostalgia the hula hooping scene is still evolving.  There is a vast and up and coming hoop culture that is still creating new moves, tricks, and twirls every day.  Just a quick search on Instagram will prove that hoopers come in all sizes, shapes, and forms.  In Paris, they hoop while playing basketball hoops.(no lie) In Madrid they have workshops that focus on neck hooping. There is a whole world out there filled with many people.  It’s encouraging for me to see that a hoop is not just a circle to many people. The possibilities seem endless and with the additional health benefits to this already fun activity I don’t think this culture will stop growing any time soon.  Here are a few of my favorite hoopers.

Ruby Hooping: https://instagram.com/rubyhooping?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1woav8rh4lx0x

Miss Hoopdidoo: https://instagram.com/misshoopdidoo?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=r2ajq2yaucni

Deanne Love: 


  1. It’s a workout

Turn up the music and spin and spin and spin and eventually you will break a sweat.  Hoops come with different tensions and weights and as you are spinning you can’t help but get your heart rate up.  At first I couldn’t even last a song.  Now maybe I last a song and a half.  While that might not sound like much I encourage you to try.  The hooping benefits are plenty.  Using this art form as a source of exercise is both cardio and muscular movement that is starting at the core.  It’s gentle on the joints, cardio activating, family friendly with varying fitness levels, and fun.  I can’t ask much more from a simple hoop. 

If you are more interested in hooping follow me and my hooping journey on Instagram. 


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