I am not sure what I am doing here

I am not sure what this blog is anymore.  What once was my go-to place to write my words, to share my thoughts, to make a generous income for my family, to find others like me has grown stagnant.  I have been wondering what, if any, does this blog play in my life.....now!  

I usually post about all of my adventures somewhere, on a domain, on my server, with great detail.  As I unpacked my suit case I would unpack my words and tell the world, through this site or one of my others, what my trip was, where, and how I got there.  But, something has changed to NO fault or intention of my own.  It just has.  This isn’t what it once was.  

I will always have this space/. I am a writer.  But what once was such a source of pride and accomplishment is now just once were I stood.  I am thankful for the opportunity that I had to live life in a way that this stay at home mom of 3 never thought she would.  

Adventures in the air and in the marketing space, to have my words matter and change how someone else feels or thinks, that was an honor. But instead of being bitter that my blog isn’t what it once was I am choosing to rejoice in the place that it once stood.  How could one mom, with a brain tumor, have so much success in just sharing her life? While most of the evidence of my success has been scraped from servers and pushed down on google page ranks, I am going to chose to delight in WHERE I once was, Instead of being frustrated that I am not “there” any longer. 

These were our steps to our flat in Paris.  Although there is nothing prolific about these steps I had to take this picture.  You see, In Paris the buildings are old and the steps are plenty.  I was always climbing.  We never stayed in a place to long. Climbing Up or Climbing Down. Much like life your journey is continual.  Sometimes you fall. It happens. Life is full of many uncertainties. Enjoy the step you are on and realize that falling is actually a blessing because you once stood in glory.

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